The Covid pandemic


The Covid pandemic has forced us to examine our value of relationships, social gatherings, and alone time.  Many are still reeling from the shock of the abrupt change in our lives…the isolation, limits, slower pace.  Covid 19 has caused us and helped us to realize how much we take for granted. Now we get to make more conscious choices about these things.  Many of us did not consciously realize the choices we were making before Covid…  Now we get to tweak what is valuable to us and what is not.

Our lives have the opportunity to simplify and include more things of true value and peace… maybe we need to mend a relationship; maybe we need to end a relationship; maybe we need to have healthier personal boundaries; maybe we need a better balance in our life between our work, our play, and our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health; maybe we need to take more responsibility; maybe we need to take less responsibility; maybe we need to show up in our lives differently for ourselves.  It’s clear, also, that many of us have new burdens to cope with because of Covid.  Look around and see what’s working for you and what is not.  Is what you are doing getting you where you want to go?  Where do you have control and where do you not have control?  Be willing to acknowledge and take action around the truth of this reality.

This is personal growth…a potential lifelong benefit of Covid 19.

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